Braingolf is an esoteric "golfing" language, designed to be terse so as to be competitive in code golf challenges.

The language is written in Python3, and operates on a collection of stacks. Each character in the code is either an operator or a modifier. The language is quite simplistic, but achieves it's goal of terseness.

Braingolf is open-source and available on GitHub
An online interpreter is also available on Try It Online


Verbosely is an extremely verbose, object oriented language intended to read like pseudocode or natural language.

The initial prototype was written in node.js using the Nearley parser, however the language is currently being written for the .NET runtime, with the intention of transpiling Verbosely code to C#, then compiling the C# code to create an executable binary


Arcplus is a LISP-like language inspired by the somewhat esoteric arcyou. It is created in node.js, and offers both verbose and terse names for most functions.

Lean Mean Bean Machine

Lean Mean Bean Machine, or LMBM, is an esoteric language inspired by plinko machines.

The code operates by spawning "marbles" at specific points in the code, which is interpreted as a 2D grid. These marbless have a value and a spin. Various operators can alter the value of a marble, and the spin can be manipulated to alter the direction of the marble. The language is incredibly simple and not intended for practical use.