Braingolf is an esoteric "golfing" language. A simple scripting language designed to be as terse as possible, for the purpose of code golf challenges.
The interpreter is written in python, it's a mess, because it was both my first python project, and my first language, but it works (mostly).


Canvity is a WIP TypeScript framework based on the OBS (Object-Behaviour-Scene) architecture of Unity.
It can be used both for games and general apps, and is designed to act as a useful layer of abstraction between the programmer and the HTML5 canvas.


Saiyanbot is a multi-purpose chatbot, currently supporting Discord, but with plans to add Twitch, IRC and Slack support in the future
It's written in Node.js, and features a modular command extension system to allow easily adding new commands. It uses either MongoDB, or raw JSON files for data storage.